I’m Valentina. I was born on March 10th 1991, and I grew up in South Tirol,  northern Italy.

I almost never heard the word ‘illustrator’, until I started choosing what to study after high school. Since I have memory, I’ve always drawn.

When I was a little fussy chatty child I explained to anyone who would listen, I would have become an artist or a painter.

However, I didn’t know what really did mean ‘being an artist’ or how to turn my passion for drawing into my job.

Studying at the European Institute of Design (IED) of Milan, I learned that nowadays being able to draw, doesn’t mean just paint a good-looking image, but also being able to communicate, spread messages about, convey concepts, tell stories.

I decided so to become an illustrator, and to work for publishing, advertising, comics, animation, etc.

My favorite part of my job is character design. Someone says that’s because I just watched too many cartoons and now I believe myself a Disney-princess, but I love the appeal of the disney characters style, which influences a lot my work.

I aim to create appealing characters, with which people can identify themselves. I love telling their personality through their look and making them appear alive.

Furthermore I combined the development of a personal style with an eclectic sensibility, which allowed me to be a very versatile artist.

I love sketching with the pencil, but I mainly work in digital. Whether I draw with Photoshop or I use Illustrator, I  create elegant curves and sinuous lines, which can confer an harmonious balance to the composition.

I collaborate on several projects with different companies in the field of boardgames in Italy and in the USA.

I’m represented in England and in USA by Advocate Art Agency.

I also work on advertising and editorial projects.

The time I don’t spend drawing, I dedicate it to my passions. I love dancing (I practice ballet and tip tap), my motobike…and sweets!

At the moment I live in Milan and I work in Atabaliba studio, a design studio composed by creative freelancers melting-pot (where my main task is to get rid of all the biscuits).