Since I have memory, I’ve always drawn.

I grew up in Bolzano (Italy) and I was just a little chatty child when I started telling anyone that I would become an artist or a painter.

Even as a teenager I didn’t change the idea to turn my passion for drawing into my job, so I moved to Milan to become an illustrator.

I’ve studied at the European Institute of Design (IED) where I learned a very simple thing: nowadays drawing doesn’t mean just making a good-looking image, but also being able to communicate, spread messages, convey concepts, tell stories and so on.

The favorite part of my job is the Character Design. Someone says that’s because I watch too many cartoons. And it’s true, to be honest.

My aim is to create appealing characters in which people can identify themselves through their personalities.

I love sketching with the pencil, but I mainly work in digital.

I collaborate with different companies in the field of boardgames in Italy and USA and I also get commissions for advertising and editorial projects.

At the moment I still live in Milan and I’m based at Sette Mondi Studio, a creative studio of freelancers where my main task is to eat more chocolate as possible.